Sister Dorothy Browne Legacy Scholarship

The Sister Dorothy Browne Legacy Scholarship was established in 1976, by the Alumni Association in the name of former Barry University President, Sister Dorothy Browne. Sr. Dorothy served as President from 1963 until 1974. This scholarship is a one-year, nonrenewable scholarship.

Applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • Enrolled as a full-time undergraduate, including, full-time undergraduate PACE students
  • Completed at least one semester of studies at Barry University
  • Holds a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or greater
  • Have an immediate family member that is a Barry Alumnus
  • Submit an essay highlighting applicant’s commitment to continuing their family legacy at Barry University

Preference given to applicants who:

  • Maintains an active membership in the Barry University Student Alumni Association
  • Volunteered a significant amount of time to the Alumni Association
  • Participated in Alumni Association events
  • Support the Legacy Project

Upon receipt of the award, the recipient must:

  • Maintain a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or greater
  • Maintain active membership in Barry University Student Alumni Association
  • Record evidence of extracurricular activities (i.e., participating as student volunteer at University events, regular attendance at Student Alumni Association meetings and/or events, work as student fundraiser for the Phonathon program.)

Sister M. Dorothy Browne, OP, PhD
Supplemental Questions
  1. Have you completed at least one (1) semester at Barry University?
  2. Do you have an immediate family member that is an alumnus of Barry University?
  3. Barry University Alumnus Relationship (May provide up to three (3) names)
    • Provide the name, relationship of the Barry Alumnus and their year of graduation (include mother's maiden name if applicable).
  4. Past recipient
    • 1. Are you a past recipient of this scholarship?
    • 2. If yes, indicate which years you received the award
      (Note: if you have not received this award in the past, enter n/a)
  5. List awards, honors and scholarships you have received. (Include dates.)
    (Note: If you have no awards or scholarships to list, please type "none." )
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